From the Desk of Chancellor’s

The uniqueness of Nirwan will be apparent as you go through these pages. The feedback of our alumni and students will provide an insight into their experiences. The experiences comprise of all our programs which include education in a broad spectrum of career building. I invite you to review this information and learn about our approach to achieve the highest quality education.

At the core of this approach is our commitment to values which have characterized nirwan since its inception in 2000. We believe that success in career is important, but so is success in life. In addition to providing superior knowledge, skill development and opportunities to gain hands-on experience, education at nirwan is permeated by values. Operating ethically and with a passion for high principles is a powerful career strategy.

Although values are the core, many other factors make nirwan an ideal environment for career-oriented individuals wishing to pursue esteemed degree courses. Among them is our extensive, powerful, influential and rapidly growing alumni network, world-class human resources and placements nirwan has been dedicated to the latest and advanced educational needs of this region and the whole country. The career advantages associate with access to this network are amongst the strongest aspects of our community.

Another competitive advantage is our state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our facilities enhance our global reach and our ability to teach without limits. Additionally, working in a serene, spacious place truly fosters the ability to focus, dig deep and strive to do one’s best.

We are an undisputed leader in bringing global perspectives to our classroom and will continue to expand our presence.

The publication is about the worth of Nirman degree and the special and unique experience you’ll have as one of our students. I believe strongly in the university and its ability to create and inspire tomorrow’s leaders. once you are having you will too.


Chancellor, Nirwan University