From the Desk of President’s

“An ignited mind is the most powerful weapon in the world and this can be got through educationally”

Dear Students,

You are at crucial stages of decision making in term of choosing the right programme of study and Institution for yourself if you are a student or for your daughter or son if you are a parent. It is a decision which is going to law down the foundation for a sound career for the young aspirants, who have dreams in their eyes to succeed in life. The right decision can talk the youngster to highest and a wrong decision at this stage may lead to anxiety, stress and even trauma.  

The only success mantra for the youth to success in life is right attitude and full commitment supported by a vibrant Institution which bring out the best of their hidden and nascent talent. Nirwan University (NU) is fully equipped to support its students for treading a path which will lead them to glory and success. NU has the appropriate physically infrastructure in terms of a serene and beautiful campus, will equipped labs, well stocked library, full air-condition hostel cubicles, mess providing variety of foods of varying tastes, sports facilities and clubs/societies to ensure appropriate learning beyond classroom. The faculty members at NU come from the top match institution and industries in India including IIT’s/NIT’s and reputed Central/State University and even from reputed foreign universities.

Nu curriculum for various courses apart from strong emphasis on the domain knowledge and skills gives equal stress on soft skills including communication, aptitude, leadership & team building, analytical & logical thinking and problem solving. Research is embedded in the curriculum even at UG level. NU campus remaining vibrant with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year of international standards and the universities provides opportunity for high and international exposure in foreign Universities and industries at a reasonable nominal cost for selected student.

I welcome you to this temple of learning and wish you a glorious future & splendid life ahead.


President and Vice-Chancellor
Nirwan University Jaipur, India