School of Commerce and Management

The well-being of our country is intimately connected to the well-being of a business entity. Business can make a difference to the society if responsible decisions are taken keeping in mind the future needs of the people, society and the environment. Thus business school are required to mould managers with thought provoking wisdom.

The school of commerce and management offer under-graduate, post-graduate in the Ph.D degree to the students after the complete the prescribed learning process that enable them to meet the need of professional manager required in a dynamic global market. The wide spectrum of knowledge in the presents century driving by the technological progress and expansion of communication channels has made it a compulsion for the organizations to remain highly competitive for sustenance and growth.

A new breed of managers and visionary leader are required for working out strategy that are responsive to the Global requirement of competent managers. In addition to the domestic demand of efficient managers. Resource rich countries Brazil, UK, USA, Russia, India, China, Netherland and South Africa (BRICS) have the potential to drive global economic growth across vast regions of both the developing and developed World. However, pace of growth is dependent on the capabilities of the managers.

The school commerce and management are well aware of domestic and international requirement and accordingly have designed the pedagogy of course. Besides, the syllabus is also designed to ensure fulfillment of specific needs of the teaching learning process.

Key Highlights

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