School of Yoga and Naturopathy

School of Yoga and Naturopathy (SYN), established in 2020, is working for the health service of rural in other population of country specially Rajasthan. SYN is surrounded with multiples of yogic and Naturopathy practices which provide direct benefits of students to learn the basic of the system. This modern edifice stands as a tribute to an ancestry of aesthetic sense, and imparts knowledge in all in all branches of the ancient art of yoga and natural cure.

Naturopathy is a branch of Life Science that is centred on the body’s own healing abilities. It is essentially about boys self-cleaning and repair without the use of medicines, body’s immune, hormonal and excretory systems, the body’s adjustment and alignment with the systems and naturally healing diseases pertaining to these systems in the body.

Qualified Naturopathy physician typically work at clinic with patients analyse symptoms, problems and medical statuses, personalized treatment protocols for every patient, study the patient’s lifestyle habits and scan patient’s ailment’s / allergies to find dues responsible for the current state.

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